You may not realize it, but fully automated cars have already driven hundreds of thousands of miles on the roads within the last few years. Nissan, Audi, BMW, and other car companies plan on releasing self driving cars by 2020.

Google plans to release a prototype of their self driving car software in less than five years. What impact could this have on society? Here are eight ways automated cars may change everything.

Your life could be saved
Last year there were 1.24 million deaths worldwide due to traffic accidents. The Google car has never been in an accident while driving itself.
Productivity could increase
Spend your time working while the car is driving. There may be no more need for road rage or boredom when sitting in traffic.
Environment could be improved
It’s much more efficient and environmentally friendly to share vehicles. Instead of cars just sitting in driveways or garages, they could be in use by multiple people.
Time could be more enjoyable
Read a book, watch a movie, chat with your friends and family, browse the web, or take a nap while in the car. You could have the freedom to do anything while the car is driving itself.
Freedom for the disabled
People that were unable to drive a car will have much easier transportation. The self driving car has already changed this visually impaired man’s life.
Transportation for the elderly
People that were previously unable to drive themselves due to age could be safely transported.
You may not be liable for accidents
If a car is driving itself, would you be at fault if there is an accident? Would it be the car manufacturer? These rules are under review by governments around the world.
Money may be saved
No need to own a car when an automated one can come and pick you up anytime you want.

In addition to the items above, jobs in transportation have the potential to be severely impacted by automated cars. What happens to the drivers of taxis, busses and limos? What about the semi truck and delivery drivers? It is vital that we become aware of the ways we could be impacted by self driving cars. Rules and regulations are currently being put in place for this technology.

Make sure you speak with your political representatives and find out what they are doing about this technology, and ensure they are making the right decisions. They must put our safety first, and ensure that we have a way to support the people who may lose their jobs due to self driving vehicles.

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