The Informed Futurist is dedicated to analyzing trends that could impact the future of humanity and to promote the breakthroughs that will lead to an ideal future.

This future will be free of poverty, disease, violence, and corruption.

We provide insight on

Technological Singularity

Artificial Intelligence



Automated Cars

3D Printing


Wearable Technology

Crypto Currencies


 About the founder

Evan Westenberger

Evan Westenberger

Founder / Lead Futurist

Evan started the Informed Futurist to ensure humanity will thrive in the future. To create this future, Evan learned about the most effective ways to communicate these ideas through the Masters of Communication in Digital Media program at the University of Washington. He is currently the Digital Program Manager for Microsoft Worldwide Public Sector. During his free time, he reads as much as he can about possible future scenarios, travels, and spends time with his wife and new baby.